Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Australian Art Adventures

It is still incredibly sunny here, so the temptation is to be outside as much as possible.  However, I spent some time indoors yesterday at the inspiring Museum of Contemporary Art.  Unfortunately, I had just missed the exhibition about Game of Thrones - would have loved to see some of those costumes.

However, the immersive video art of Tabaimo more than made up for that.  It was really special to see the drawings that made up some of the videos, and to see those drawings further extended to become new drawings on the actual wall of the gallery.

The lower pieces were firstly an ever changing array of coloured cards, by Rebecca Baumann, mesmerising to watch, and then an array of tiny slippers decorated with shells, each one a different pattern.  Made by Esme Timbery, the story behind it is very sobering.


  1. Those slippers are a very moving testament to a dark part of Australia's history.

  2. At first glance the slippers reminded me of the " greetings from Bournmouth" type souvenirs (a friends husband has a tat factory in Cornwall where they make them!) but knowing the story behind them changes them into something beautiful !

  3. Such a sad story, and a lovely tribute. Astounded to see that Rebecca B was born in the 1980s. How can someone so young have such a great idea.....oh dear, I'm starting to feel old when someone in her thirties is now ''young' in my mind! Thanks for sharing these photos!


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