Monday, 14 April 2014

Tra le la le la Triangle….yes, that is a song title*...

… and the kaleidoscope quilt now has a triangle border.


A miscalculation of size led to the design solution of the black winged shapes in the corners.

It was surprisingly windy when these photos were taken.


but this gives the general idea, 


It is now 58 inches square, and I am deciding if it needs a broad black border to frame it.

In the black theme, my Queen of the Night tulips blossomed today, wonderful.

Tulip mosaic

*The song is by Patsy Cline.


  1. It gets better with each addition! It was lovely to see you last night, have a great time in N x

  2. Great to see your design solution to the triangle corners! Whole quilt top looks absolutely stunning, as do your tulips!


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