Sunday, 22 December 2013

Racing to the finish line

With 10 days to spare I have finished my final journal quilt of 2013, on the theme of " Places I Remember"  I've veered a bit off topic for the past couple of months, by including places that are still very current.  That has remained the same for this month.
A bit of bling for Christmas
Shibori indigi-dyed sheeting, machine quilted using circle tool, raw edge applique, hand-beading.  Applique attached with MistyFuse, continuing my exploration of different bonding agents.  MistyFuse seems like the best so far and well worth the cost.
 About 4 years ago, I went to my first course at Morley College, and my creative life has been transformed. I have met very many interesting people, been to many exhibitions, and worked with many different materials. There is so much to see,discover and learn and I hope this month's quilt conveys my enthusiasm for everything that Morley continues to give me.


  1. Love it!!! The stripes have lined up well!

  2. Super neat finish to that corner! Super neat finish to your year of journal quilts too!


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