Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mixed stitching

I have just started a new job, so a lot of stitching has slowed down while I adjust to everything involved with that.  A couple of postcards for the birthday swap, made with hand-dyed and commercial fabrics.



A 5inch Dear Jane block to complete a tilt started by one of our group members who was a great quilter and who died this year after a long life.  Although I enjoyed making this in memory of her, this has fully convinced me that I will never make one of these quilts.


Then finally, quilting of a piece of screen printed cloth, potentially to protect my laptop if the piece is large enough.  Inside is tray-dyed cloth overprinted with a photo screen that has two sections on one screen.


Outside is Procion P painted cloth then overprinted with two different screen  stencils made from wide masking tape carved into curves with a scalpel.


Details of quilting, so far.


I am also taking part in this stitch-along, but there will be few photos as the final product will be a present to be revealed on the day of the 50th anniversary edition.

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  1. the houses look great on their hills and the Dear Jane block looks amazing, but i do think one block in a lifetime is enough! the lap top fabrics look super, and it's good to see you using some if your creations! i really like the gingham effect of the curvy masking tape


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