Saturday, 29 December 2012

V and A - vanity and artifice or vavavoom and adoration?

A day out on my own at the V and A to see the Ballgowns exhibition within the revamped fashion galleries at the V and A.   I love seeing couture clothes up close, as the manipulation of cloth involved in these garments is  a skill I would love to have at this level.  The gowns are sumptuous, and the contemporary gallery upstairs is breathtaking and bonkers in equal measure - full length, lace-printed latex anyone, with a latex fishtail hem?

( Atsuko Kudo gown worn by Georgia Frost with dresses by Hardy Amies and Worth of London. Lent by the designer. Carlos Jimenez, © V&A, 2011)

NewImageMany of the people at the exhibition commented on how the dull lighting does not show the older garments to advantage  I agree, the muted and pastel colour ways can look very dingy, but there are several photos of the clothes being worn, which helps with envisaging beyond the dull lighting.  On until 6th January, and well worth a visit.

















Then a spin over to the New Acquisitions gallery to see new items up close there.  I love this gallery as you never know what you are going to see there.  In the spirit of the ball gowns , the dress below is incredible, in the construction, the quality of the embroidery and the sheer exuberant use of  colour.  One little lad was puzzled by the fact that the dummy only has one arm. ( Images from the V and A website) 


The embroidery of the wave forms is beautiful, but the dress must be very heavy.


On a completely different line of interest, the New Acquisitions Gallery also has an intriguing expandable sofa, designed by Yuya Ushida.  Needs some cushions if you ask me.

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  1. Love that New Acquisitions gallery - it's small enough that you feel you can pay attention to each item, even ones that don't initially interest you.

    The waves on that amazing dress are wonderful!

  2. These frocks look amazing. Thanks for the post, because I don't think I will make it there! Shame. Wonderful!


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