Saturday, 16 June 2012


There are some dresses that always stick in the mind, bringing back vivid memories and strong emotions. Not always those associated with set-piece events such as weddings, but those worn on more everyday occasions. For me these are: a grey and white check, round necked,long sleeved with a red velvet ribbon trim when I was 5; a dirndl skirted cotton number with a large collar, a hand me down from friends of a family friend with America relatives when I was 8; a hand-made, cream, flouncy number for a school dance in my teens; a hand-made, couture effort, Jasper Conran look-a-like in fuchsia pink, lots of darts, large shoulders and brass buttons in my 30s.

Perhaps these memories are why I was stirred to action by this charity sewing project " Dress a Girl Around the World". I avoid many charity sewing projects as they are too dominated by individuals with strong religious views. ( It is perfectly possible to be charitable without this having any religious or dubious spiritual trappings). The UK project is organised by Louise from Sew Scrumptious. I was due to be at a trapunto workshop today, but as it was cancelled due to the tutor being ill, so I got down to finishing these, started at the Bank Holiday weekend.


Very therapeutic, and used up fabric I have had forever. It was lovely adding pockets and trim - as a mother of boys, this has been lacking in my clothes' sewing life. These will be in their way to Louise on Monday.


  1. That's going to make 7 little girls very happy - well done you! They look absolutely lovely, and put me to shame as I haven't started my planned dresses yet!

  2. They look great, and a fab idea, but I couldntfindthe pattern on the link, just prayer dolls and bandana/tshirt dresses, am I being daft?

  3. Hi Avril, Thank you so much for your gorgeous dresses. They have arrived safely and are just perfect! I really appreciate the donation too. Thank you. This will really help with moving the dresses around the UK to people who can take them abroad for us. Also loved the handmade card. You are very clever! Will take some photos next week and let you know when they are up on the blog. Best wishes Louise xx

  4. Just to let you know that photos of the dresses are now up on the blog. Hope you like them! Thanks again for your support. Louise x


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