Friday, 27 April 2012

Papercuts and first swift

Time to make a new print screen at Morley. During this years's "creative journey" ( is that too pretentious?) I am coming to realise that I am more comfortable with collage, paper and scalpel than I am with pen,pencil and paint. Some random cuts on black paper this week led to a collection of shapes - plankton? jelly-fish? unicellular forms? krill? Pics will follow when I work out how to get them to the Mac from my phone.

Also stuck on my phone are some dyeing experiments: indigo strips from last week over dyed in the tray with blue / turquoise and brown Procion MX; indigo pre-dyed, then clamped with CDs and over dyed with blue / turquoise Procion MX; yellowish curtain lining over dyed with blue and bronx , with has copout looking ilk camouflage fabric.

In the meantime, I saw my first swift of the spring today, summer must be coming. Photo from the BBC nature blog site.

Swift real oldboy

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