Thursday, 26 May 2011

A long time ago…….

…… a house far, far away, a mother booked 2 sets of 4 tickets to see One Man Star Wars.


Can I find them all?  Searched everywhere: the noticeboard where EVERYTHING is pinned up, well 4 of them were;  the green document box, where EVERYTHING is stored before filing; the filing cabinet, where EVERYTHING is eventually filed ( booked them so long ago, they could have been filed); the left hand drawer of the sideboard, where EVERYTHING that doesn't have a home is stored; the second kitchen drawer, where EVERYTHING kitchen related, that isn’t cutlery,  is stored; every bag that I have used since January , that’s a fair number of bags.  No luck.

So as a last resort, I called seetickets to see (!) if they could reissue the tickets.  As they had been booked online, I was not hopeful, expecting a litany of “ sorry madam but online bookings are fixed, blah, blah, blah…..  “. Instead, a very helpful bloke, just asked for the booking reference and reissued the tickets for pick-up at the theatre. no re-booking fee, no administration charge, nothing.  So if you need any tickets, and think you are likely to lose them, book with seetickets,

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  1. Phew! And have you found them now that you've got them replaced? LOL


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