Sunday, 27 February 2011

Resolution round-up

So, the sewing resolutions were,

  1. To always return my sewing scissors to the correct storage space – so far, so good
  2. To finally replace the scissors that only cut with half of the blade since I tried to cut through a pin ( accidentally) – replaced with a super sharp pair of Gingher shears
  3. To make a thread catcher in which to dump all pieces of thread and fabric trimmings –A4 journal quilt stitched up the sides, and voila, threadcatcher
  4. To finish at least one UFO before starting something else  - mmmm, let’s pass on that one
  5. To have a few fabric postcards ready in advance – yup, see below
  6. To try out every stitch on my sewing machine ( 130 out of 144 to go)  - 125 out of 144 to go
  7. To organise my threads, so I don’t spend more time searching for the right one than I do using it.  - yup, customised this one to hang on the wall rather than to stand – what a transformation in storage

Not bad, for two months in to the year.

Half term and postcards 025 Half term and postcards 023

Experiments with watercolour pencils, stitched non-woven voile and hand-dyed fabric.

Half term and postcards 030 Half term and postcards 028

On the left, kimono silk, with appliquéd butterfly and overlay of a shirt collar stiffener from a new shirt.  On the right, kanzashi flower petals, stitched flat, rather than kept three-dimensional.

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  1. I try and follow the UFO plan too - and prefer not to to have people ask how well I'm doing!!


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