Tuesday, 7 September 2010

One hundredth post, and ...... it's about hexagons

Still blogging at 100 posts, so better than 85% of starter bloggers apparently.
Hexagons from the Jen Jones Quilt Collection. a velvet and silk quilt made for a friend by another who was emigrating. These hexagons are about 1 inch in diameter ( can a hexagon have a diameter?), so this was a true labour of love.
Stitched over papers, and then hand appliqued to the velvet with feather stitch . The long contrasting stitches around the inner edges of the hexagons are a lovely touch.


  1. Congratulations Av! Have you seen Julie & Julia? ...depite the over-acting of Meryl Streep it gives a good insight into the motivation of the blogger...and who knows there might be "filum" in the future of "StitchinScience"
    With love,


  2. I thought for a moment that you'd reduced scale and increased production to make these.... aren't they lovely!

    Congrats on the 100th post!


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