Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holiday Hexagons

A week without a sewing machine has to mean lots of hand sewing. Thankfully, I managed to get a fair bit of preparation in before we left for the Isle of Wight, and so got to a lot more hexagons. Not many photographed as the camera was in use for beach photos of the boys and the inflatable boat.

Stripey hexagons are an interesting exercise in how much precision is needed when cutting and stitching stripes.

Recommendations in Ventnor: Rainbows haberdashery, on Pier Street, a great organised muddle of wool, fabric and sewing items; El Toro Contento, family-owned Spanish restaurant with eccentric decor and genuine Spanish food; Minghella's ice-cream; Botanic Gardens.

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  1. These look as delicious as Minghella's ice-cream tastes!


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