Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Quantum leap.......

There are some times in family life, when you realise that you have all taken a quantum leap on to a new part of the wobbly platform.

After the first two weeks of the school holidays, I realise that we have made one of those leaps. No-one is asking " what are we going to do today" but instead the question is " I'm off out, what time do you want me back?"

We survived, and even enjoyed, a day's punting with tempers, nerves, camera and picnic accountrements intact, and , everyone managed to stay dry.

The final dawning that we have moved into a new era, was when I saw elder son off at 7am, on his first day of work , garden labouring with our neighbour.

Like all changes of life phase, it's taking some getting used to, but it feels good.

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