Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bank holiday in Dresden, to speak

May Bank Holiday, which always means mixed weather.
Lots of good stuff: visitors, boys away pursuing their own interests ( camping and manga respectively), lunch at The Petersham for a significant birthday, charity fair ( with the most obscure charities I have never been aware of).

When is was raining, I spent time stitching Dresden plates, using the technique shown in Karin Hellaby's " Sew a Row" book. I've never been attracted to this book from the cover, but there are lots of really good techniques inside, well illustrated and explained.

Fabrics are from stash: Ricky Tims convergence fabric, bought about 6 years ago in Boston; unnamed fabric from John Lewis sale about 5 years ago, hand-dyed gift from a fellow BQLer. One of them has a stitched motif in the middle, trying to pre-embroider, a la Philippa Naylor ( as if!). These are 12 inch plates, cut using a wedge shaped stencil.

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  1. Yummy fabrics, and lovely shapes. Looking forward to seeing more of these....

    Plum XX


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