Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bling, bling, bling

This is my October calendar quilt for the British Quilt List challenge on yahoo. With darker nights approaching, I need some brightness to look at.
The red / fuchsia fabric is a silk dupion from a scrap leftover from the train of my wedding dress. These suppliers give fantastic service and can match to a colour swatch.
The gold windmills are an artificial fabric from a wacky 1980s jacket.

I really like the way the windmills are so three dimensional and tactile.
With this amount of gold, the machine quilting had to match, so " Bling" is FMQ in the central diamonds. Usually I just free stitch these, but this time I wrote the words on with a sliver of old soap ( feeling very frugal). the outer triangles are flattened with lines of FMQ.

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