Thursday, 17 September 2009

OMG - one of my quilts is in a real book

Some time ago I answered one of those E:mails that come in to your inbox , that you look at and think - no, they wouldn't want one of mine. Well, this time, they did want one of mine.

One of my quilts ( based on a combination of some of Lynne Edwards blocks, some house blocks, my own pieced tree border and some sashing) is therefore now in the book opposite. It appears next to the title page ( the bed isn't mine - that was the stylist's). This is very exciting and it is the second time some of my quilting has been published. This one was chosen as I had hand quilted the blocks, which seems ironic as now I very rarely hand quilt.

On a quick glance through, the book looks like a good introduction to many quilting techniques, modern and traditional.<


  1. Fantastic! You must be very proud! Well done!


  2. Congratulations! I will look for in next time I'm in Heffer's!


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