Monday, 12 December 2016

Wet weekend quilting

Our family have agreed that the Xmas madness is to be curtailed this year. Everyone has more than enough of what they need, so limited budgets, edible or readable items and imagination are to be the watch words for gifts. I am therefore finished Xmas preparation, except the cooking.  A wet weekend gave time for machine quilting. mindless stippling and lines, just the thing to allow mental relaxation.
A gallery visit this week to the Victoria Miro Gallery in Mayfair, to see the very mad and puzzling work of Maria Nepumenco. If you do visit, don’t be put off by having to ring the bell, and then wait for the inner, white sliding screen to reveal the gallery beyond. Feeling emboldened, my friend and I then rang the bell of Trinity House and were welcomed in to look at some wonderful paintings - above our budget - starting at £22,000 for a very modest drawing by Henry Moore.


  1. Like the look of that quilt - it's rather lovely. And how brave to ring a bell to get into an expensive gallery.

  2. The circle quilting looks great! In fact the only hole quilt looks fab!


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