Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Scarf, silk, stitch

Several months ago, I dyed some silk that had been a gift from Lorraine Pugh. Supposedly offcuts - these were superb lengths.  I never posted the results of the dyeing, so here they are, as I have finally got round to using them


I have a much loved wool / cashmere shawl, but it is grey. Trying to introduce a bit more colour, at the same time as simplifying my wardrobe, is proving a challenge, so the grey had to be brightened up.

Quilting some of the silk on the wool

Next stage is to stitch some rouleaux loops and fabric buttons to make it a more individual version of one of these. Inspired a bit by the beautiful scarves made by Ekta Kaul, that I saw in Edinburgh, earlier in the year.



  1. That's interesting. So you didn't dye the wool but you are in effect quilting onto it?

    1. Hi Hilary,yes. The grey of the wool works well with the blue dyed cloth, so I'm just appliqueing a side strip on top of the wool, following the lines that are already woven in the silk. The wool cloth has quite a spring to it, so there isno need of extra wadding to give a quilted effect.

  2. Welcome back...we have missed you...


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