Sunday, 12 July 2015

Travels and stitches

I have been away in Venice to hear my son sing with his school choir in St Mark’s Cathedral.  The whole visit was incredible - music, canals, gilding, carving, painted ceilings, marble, madonnas, crowds, fans, masks, mosaics, reflections. churches, walking, heat, gondolas, glass, more walking, vaporettos, palazzos, the Biennale.   After 4 days, I had much sympathy with the protestant movement, and understood the need for simplicity and minimalism.  The modern art museum had much to be admired, and I particularly liked the works of Giorgio de Chirico.
So much inspiration, it will take months to digest.
As two of the days were very hot, I retired to the air-conditioned room for a siesta, and did some hand-stitching, comparing French and colonial knots.  The colonial were much more even, but perhaps that was because I had recovered from the heat by then.
Coming home to a wet day, got this bound and finished.  To be displayed next to the quilts at our exhibition in October, to give attendees something to touch, when they really want to touch the quilts.  Most signs about touching the quilts at quilt shows are so negative, I wanted to give a more positive message.
The arrow is whip stitched which was good fun to do.  Maybe inspired by those stripey gondola hitching-posts?
Another one, finished off during the tennis.
and finally, following this tutorial from Benta, a little pouch, as you can never have too many pouches for stuff.


  1. Wow! Productive and well travelled! Love your signs, still! Cute pouch too - I so wish that my zips weren't all packed up as I'm tempted to make a couple too!

  2. What a very special reason to go to Venice!

  3. What a fab experience for son, and a great excuse for a holiday for you! I was delighted to see my name on the page - so glad the instructions worked out!


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