Thursday, 16 July 2015

Last drawing session

Our last session was a discussion about using sketchbooks: in what setting, what size, what paper, with what medium.  Our tutor, Sophie, brought along some of her completed and ongoing sketchbooks, ranging from a little brown paper book from Paperchase, through a lovely concertina sketchbook from Cass Art, to a beautifully bound sketchbook, made with Khadi hand-made paper.  I was particularly interested in the concertina book, due to the possibilities of having pockets for insertions between the double sided pages.

After all that inspiration, we were off “en plain air” to put our sketching skills in to practise.  The Mary Ward Centre has a lovely rooftop garden, which is not used by many of the students.  There are several different vistas from the roof, but I was interested the juxtaposition of a dome, some cranes and a modern block of flats.  The sky was very dull and overcast, so  I am glad that I had started with a coloured ground to get some contrast in to the drawing. 


Not bad, even although I misjudged the size of the top of the dome, and so lost the topmost decoration.  Now Ineed to find the discipline to keep going over the summer holidays.


  1. Well done, and yes go keep going, you are a clear example of improving with practice!!!!

  2. I'm sure that you'll do fine over the holidays - perhaps treat yourself to (or make yourself?) a special sketchbook to get you going on the right track?
    Love your sketch and your audio landscape reminders!

  3. It's a treat when tutors bring in their own sketchbooks.
    Thanks for the reminder about the little brown books from Paperchase - they are very easy to fill up somehow, the brown paper doesn't feel precious and the size makes it possible to do page after page, especially with a chunky pencil.
    As for keeping going - pretend the class is continuing and use that time slot to do some drawing. Just think of the savings in course fees, and in travel time.


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