Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hearts tombola

Sudden, but not unexpected changes at work have led to more time than planned for stitching.  However, those changes are also unsettling, so I am finding it difficult to relax in to a large project.  The hearts tombola has been the solution.  These A6 book covers, made from this tutorial, have filled the bill.  The edging foot really helped giving these a professional- looking edge finish.

Pieces of tie silk, lined with scraps of old duvets.




  1. These look great, Avril! Probably small projects are the ideal antidote to your 'Dislocation' finish (which is utterly fabulous, by the way - I really love it). Hope unsettled work life doesn't go on for too long.

  2. Ditto what Plum said!!!!! I'm probably in Portsmouth on Monday afternoon, so not sure I can get to R & K :-( x


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