Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Drawings large and small

There is only minimal stitching going on at the moment, but a fair amount of art exposure nonetheless.  At the weekend, I helped out one of my friends with a community art project in Peckham, organised by Sustrans, with the aim of getting people out and about in unused spaces in the urban environment.  One of their projects for this summer is Pocket Places Peckham.  My friend Helen Peacock, has been working on a major project about Peckham, as part of her Textile foundation course at Morley, so it was great to see it developing in to this large, interactive piece.

Installation of the initial, huge poster




Taking part


More people


It was a real experience to assist in this and an opportunity to visit a part of London I don't know at all.

On a completely different scale, we were "en plain air" at the drawing course this week.  How difficult can it be to determine the horizon line?  In an urban park, I found it  very difficult, but I did manage to achieve one drawing I am pleased with.


As for the other - no, it's not an abstract, I was sitting behind the guns at the imperial War museum.  Perspective and foreshortening needs a lot of work.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, there is a glorious poppy meadow in flower, so it needed some colour.



  1. What a fantastic project. You must have had so much fun.

  2. Peckham!! My old stomping ground. I'm an SE 22 gal at heart ( ok so Peckham is SE 15, but you get the drift)


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