Saturday, 1 February 2014

Home printing

With no fixed commitments this weekend, but a busy week to come, I wanted to explore some printing at home.  Inspired by this video, linked from this blog, I tried making a string block of a tree.


No pics of the results as they were disastrous.  I think my yarn was too narrow as I couldn't get a good impression of the tree without picking up a lot of paint from the background card.  So I then turned to an intriguing piece of packaging that arrived this week courtesy of some replacement bit for the computer.


This can be pulled apart, but so far I haven't found a way to fix it in the fully open position.


but, the mix of open parts and closed lines made a great print.



I might get a chance to try this on some cloth tomorrow, where I think the mottled effect will soften.

Just to show spring is on the way,glorious colours from hyacinths.

Hyacinth mosaic 3


  1. The printing effect is fab! I assumed you had cut the shapes out, it's really clever that they pull open, can you bulldog clip the top and bottom edges to sone card to pull it all open?

    Second morning of sunshine here, maybe we don't need to build an ark!

  2. Great printing! Why don't you try your tree with string instead of yarn? Look for 'proper' cotton string (Poundland have had it in the past) which might have a bit more 'body' for the profile of the stamp. Great idea, though - the tree drawing looks great!

  3. love your prints, who knew packaging could be so useful! Thanks for the comment today, I appreciate it and thanks too for sharing the Hyacinth. I can almost smell it.....

  4. Did you seal your yarn with pva? Holds it's shape better I think. And back it onto a thicker card mount so the base is held rigid allowing only the string to touch the paper etc. I will dig out my own string blocks too to have another play.


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