Sunday, 9 February 2014

Buttons, beads and thread

Plum and I are doing a demonstration of making buttons at our quilt group tomorrow.  We both did an excellent online course with Karen Ruane two years ago.  

In between business travel, London travel disruption, lost purse and travel card and coordinating elder son getting off to a trip to France, I've been stitching up some examples.  I'll use these to demonstrate the mounting technique in to the button.

Beaded on hand-dyed velvet, about 29mm in diameter

Velvet beaded buttons

Beaded and stitched on indigo - shibori cotton


Detail of beading, again about 29mm in diameter


Detail of "buttoned" button


and if you've ever wondered why you sometimes have difficulty threading a needle, could this be why?  Image from here.


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  1. Gutted I couldn't get to that session! The buttons are gorgeous, the thread maybe not so gorgeous!!!!


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