Thursday, 9 May 2013

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(Image from saint

 A visit to St Martin's in the Fields this week for a candlelit concert led to an unexpected treat, in a viewing of some reproduction pages from the St John's Bible.  I am not religious, so this could be a well-known project in the Christian community, but it was new to me.  Hand-lettered, with quill pens on vellum, and illustrated with pigments used in medieval manuscripts. The reproduction pages on paper are absolutely breathtaking, both the calligraphy and the illustrations, so the originals , on vellum, must be startlingly vivid.

Many artists collaborated on this project and I am particularly struck by the pages by Suzanne Moore, combining text with image.  It is possible to look through the bible on line but the colours are a pale imitation of reality.  

If you are in Trafalgar Square, it is worth going in to see the East window, a remarkable piece of art by female artist,  Shirazeh Houshiary,  and to visit the great cafe in the crypt.

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  1. You get to such great places! I walked past that church on two separate occasions in March, but never thought to go in, next time!!!!


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