Monday, 6 May 2013

April journal, in by the skin of my teeth - EH16

Finished on 30th April, about 4h before the deadline for submission.  Zooming off to university with the world at my feet.

CQGB journal April 2013

Even although it was only 30 miles away, funding at that time meant I could leave home and live in.   Liberation.

Hand-embroidered panel ( Jenny Hart design), machine trapunto and machine quilting. Post code abstracted out to a decorative edge stitch on the panel. Hand-dyed commercial fabric from amazing supplier at FoQ whose name I have forgotten.

 This is how I felt,  off to my future. The dark side represents what I was leaving behind and the candlelight of dinners taken in the dining hall during the 3 day week. The brighter side was all that was to come.

Lots I would now change on this in terms of composition, but is was a useful and fun exercise to try to convey my memories in cloth.


  1. The embroidery makes me laugh, no idea why, but I love it

  2. Ha! You and me both!

    And we must be the same generation! I too remember the 3 day week in relation to higher education. I talk about it now and people look at me incredulously.

    Looks an interesting piece.



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