Saturday, 27 April 2013

Journal quilt, March

CQGB March 2013
Our parents bought their own house, and all it brought was stress.
Self-dyed fabric,commercial fabric, machine quilting, machine embroidery, Ultrabond.
Lots of symbolism for me here: the ever-changing clipped curves of the hedge around the corner plot of the house; the use of inappropriate materials ( 5 layers of ultrabond does terrible things to a machine needle; uneven, wobbly lines and scrappy finish; mismatched finish on the edges using whatever is to hand; half-bottles; words lacking distinction; machine quilting of the postcode all slightly uneven due to the wadding. Quite cathartic really.
It is straighter than it looks here, I think it is the camera angle.


  1. I really like this piece. Was that phrase your starting point?? I would have no idea where to start!

  2. Another interesting piece - I really love how the series is building. x

  3. I love these little quilts. I did a stint on the JQ stand at Uttoxeter this weekend, and you cannot get enough of them. And the fantastic comments from people.

    This looks fascinating. What is your topic again?


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