Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Procion P painting

I've been intrigued for some time by the fabrics produced by Mickey Lawler of Skydyes and wondered if it would be possible to duplicate these effects with Procion P dyes.  A day of experimenting at Morley led to results worth exploring further.
Cotton cloth set up on a batik frame, dampened and Procion  P dye applied with different brushes and sponges.  This is a dye recipe containing reddish blue, turquoise and black.
Detail of how the dye splits as it travels through the cloth
Result of painting directly on the cloth when it is pinned directly to the backing cloth, rather than on a frame
Dye applied on to crinkled cloth on the print table ( bottom) and applied over clingfilm, then crinkled, ( top).  This technique gives great marks.
Now to explore what happens with complementary colours.  Too much inspiration, too little time.


  1. What lovely cloth! Hard to choose a favourite -but I have to confess to loving the one pinned onto the frame. Can't wait to see your next experiments!

  2. Did you treat the fabric first? (soak it in soda ash or what ever it is you have to use to 'fix' the colour?)


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