Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I’ve actually made something from the dyed fabric

Pole dyeing and table runner 005

Machine pieced, insert circles, using the technique from “ Pieced Curves So simple” by Dale Fleming.  Machine quilted using two threads through one needle to get a really heavy quilted line,  This one is going in the final online swap of the year


  1. Really lovely! Makes me wish that I was doing the swap too, although I wouldn't want to cover this up with anything! I'm intrigued by the technique, though. I'll have to go and look the book up.

  2. Yay, and WOW, that's stunning! I've liked all of the circles projects, but this one is possibly my favourite. Usually I am drawn to 'looks complicated but simple to make' but I suspect this comes in as 'looks simple but complicated to make'! I bet your partner will love it! Thanks for the art info, you know I have never been to the Tate, or Tate modern, think I ought to sort that out over the hols! No making for C'mas this year, but hopefully the 'Twickenham Quilters' will find a use for something from Oz when I get back x x


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