Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The art of looking

I made it to “The Art of Mapping”, well worth a look if you are in London.  I liked the work of Nigel Peake
which reminded me in a way of some of the mark making in “ The London Jungle Book”
It was also great to see the iconic “Great Bear” on loan from the London Transport Museum.
and an intriguing work by Grayson Perry ( am I a philistine for wondering if some spelling mistakes were deliberate, or are they part of the art work?)
Then off to look at some intriguing fabric in Dover Street Market, above my budget, but no cost to look.
Peter Pilotto, gorgeous silk
Photo0045 Photo0046
Comme des Garcons, origami shirt

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  1. I dont know the Great Bear, I assume it isn't just a map of London tube?


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