Sunday, 9 October 2011

Recovering , in both senses


 Ally Pally and piano stool 001 

Great day at  the Knitting and Stitching show yesterday, meeting friends old and new, and managing to persuade a few people of the value of joining The Quilters’ Guild, which was what I was there to do.  We were also the custodians of the winning quilts from the Festival of Quilts this year, so got a chance to have a much closer look at the best in show, absolutely incredible.  This is by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga, from Kollumerzwaag, The Netherlands and the quilt is called “Octopussy

Ally Pally and piano stool 006

Ally Pally and piano stool 007I then had the afternoon free to see the incredible 104 hand-stitched panels of the Prestonpans tapestry

image To think that this was stitched from start to finish in 18 months is mind-boggling – truly a “Big Society “ project.

Lots to see, but I made a point of visiting the graduate showcase and some of the younger exhibitors. Rhea Clements scarves are wonderfully tactile


and Zeena Shah’s screenprints were quirky and amusing without being overly sugary.


I didn’t do much to stimulate the economy, limiting my self to two packets of John James embroidery needles ( lovely, if you haven't tried them) and three very small thimbles, as I can never find ones that fit well.

Recovery today, and an upholstery project that has been waiting for too long.  One tattered piano stool is now transformed.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the thistle fabric to recover this one – it might have led to some wrong notes anyway.  It is the same fabric in the last two photos, just with different light at different time of day – a good demonstration of how difficult it is to colour match fabrics from photos.

Ally Pally and piano stool 016 Ally Pally and piano stool 017 Ally Pally and piano stool 018

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  1. What a lovely rose window at Ally Pally. Pleased you had a good time there.


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