Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Button up

Karen ruane buttons 006

In addition to the Morley course, I have ventured in to the land of on-line learning.  I have signed up for a course on embroidered buttons with Karen Ruane.  This will build on last year’s experimental textiles course at Morley.  First lesson was how to mark up in the frame, and stitching of some simple stitches.

 Karen ruane buttons 003 Karen ruane buttons 004

These are two completed buttons, 38mm in diameter. On linen ( from a charity shop skirt) stitched with cotton perle and cotton a broder.

A bonus is that my friend, Plum, has signed up for the same course, without us discussing it with each other.


  1. ...and you are creating so quickly and so beautifully! Lovely. My order of coton a broder arrived today, so will have a chance to try that out tomorrow.

  2. wonderful, beautiful embroidery....

  3. how lovely that you are both doing the course. I look forward to seeing examples as you go along!


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