Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Trousers of lockdown

 With time on my hands - to put it mildly, I've returned to garment sewing during lockdown. I joined the group Elevate Your Sewing, run by The Thrifty Stitcher, and have become a follower of Terry  Fox's Saturday Sewing Club on Facebook. 

I did classes with Terry about 28 years ago, when she still taught at Liberty's, and was delighted to see her on Facebook. 

Both Clare-Louise ( Thrifty Stitcher)  and Terry are so generous with sharing their knowledge, and they seem to attract people to their groups on social media who are also keen to share their own knowledge with other members of the group. 

My elder son has worn a pair of zip-off trousers for years, and  as my grandmother would have said " the fabric is so thin, you could spit peas through it". With my expanded knowledge from Clare-Louise and Terry, I have made him a replacement pair. These are black, I just had to adjust the photo to show the details.


I promise these do have two full-length legs, this was just artistic licence for photography. 

If you are tempted, these trousers, Kwik Sew K4045, are a great fit for tall, skinny blokes. The zip off method was from this tutorial. I thought the fly front and origami method of making the pockets with side inserts would be my nemesis, but the pattern instructions are excellent on both of these aspects. Fabric from Pennine Outdoor, who were super helpful when my initial choice was no longer available ( thank you Brexit).

As someone who has very little waist, the fit was also very good on me, so I might be tempted to make a pair for myself!


  1. They look fantastic! What a great skill to be brushing up. Me? I'm happy just to watch TGBSB without re-entering the garment sewing arena! xx

    1. Thanks Plum. I'm very happy to be back garment sewing.

  2. That’s “proper” sewing ! Well done! I’ve never done well with dress makIng beyond dressing up clothes!

    1. Thanks Benta. He has now requested two more pairs " exactly the same" so that's me busy for quite a while!


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