Friday, 26 October 2018

When the decor in the holiday cottage matches your holiday project..............

In Wales, staying at the wonderful Pipistrelle cottage, another quirky property from Under the Thatch . Before we came I decided to visit Milli at Tribe Yarns - what a superb range of high-quality, quirky, artist-made yarns. Milli's blog post about craft activities being a healthy addiction rang very true.

I succumbed to the delight of two Riverknits yarns. After the stresses of our own canalboat holiday last year, and knowing how much mess can be created when hand-dying, the thought that this is a business based on a canalboat had me intrigued.

Starry night

and Salzbrise

came home with me,  to be used to make a Zick Zack scarf.

It was destined to be, as part of the decor in the cottage matches the yarns perfectly.


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