Sunday, 25 March 2018

Journal quilts 2018, Abstraction

It has taken me a bit of time to get started with this year’s journal quilts,  ( all to be 7” x 9”) but the vernal equinox has spurred me on. My theme this year is “Abstraction”, stimulated by conversation with my drawing teacher.  The first three are about birds.

January, Gannets diving into the sea

WP_20180325_17_21_55_Pro (2)

Hand-dyed and commercial fabric, patchwork with proportions of colour to reflect the different colours in gannets.

February, Robins bob-bobbing along

WP_20180325_17_22_09_Pro (2)

Applique, commercial and hand-dyed fabric

March, Red kite soaring

WP_20180325_17_24_42_Pro (2)

Commercial and hand-dyed fabric appliqué  with some lipstick highlighting.

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