Monday, 30 October 2017

Where has all the stitching gone, long time passing

With apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary, time to ponder where my stitching has got to.  I’m being diverted in to sketchbook work, which is a good thing, in light of the degree of mental block I have about thinking my scribblings are worthy of the word sketchbook.

Work in the studio at Mary Ward, continuing with this piece, cutting a stencil to allow multiples to be drawn on top of each other




Then as ever, I felt the need for some collage



One more week to work on this in the studio.

I am still working on the CQGB monthly challenge. with the last one of the seed series well underway. Applique, embroidery and texturing with TextureMagic


Shadowing with oilsticks has been overdone, I’ll need to see if I can tone that down.


The final three in the series are based on bacteria, and the threats posed by overuse of antibiotics.

I’ve filled a sketchbook,, so needed a new one. Breakdown-printed cloth with an appliquéd piece of melted ( deliberately of course!) gold lame fabric. 


Filling up





Experiments with drawing ink and an angle-cut hair dyeing brush on pasted tissue paper - swans, gondolas?


Inspiration this month has come from: Ruth Padel and  Issam Kourbaj, “Dark Water, Burning  World” a small installation in the Islamic Gallery at the British Museum; The Business of Prints at the British Museum; Prism at Hoxton Galleries, now finished, particularly the work of Ross Belton using found natural materials.

Finishing on using found natural materials, a note on Margaret Cooter’s blog, inspired me to search out this beautiful method of making decorative roses from autumn leaves.

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