Sunday, 2 July 2017

Forgive me internet, for I have sinned...........

….it has now been 4 weeks since my last blogpost. I have been trying to absorb too many wondrous experiences this month, involving travel, art, stitching and yoga.

At the beginning of the month - train from London to Vienna, via Cologne. Does anyone know why the square outside Cologne Cathedral is the stag and hen party destination of choice for young Germans? None them were looking at this quirky door handle

or at the stained glass,

There is a very modern, pixellated stained glass window by Gerhard Richter, no photo as the light was not good by then, but information is here.

The sleeper to Vienna was fun, starting with the grids on grids spotted at the station

Five separate knocks on the door from the guard to bring in quick succession: water, savoury snack, prosecco, menu card for breakfast, extra towels. I’m still not sure why he couldn't bring the first four all together.

Four days in Vienna, just too much to see and absorb.  Commemorative rose bushes stood out in the gardens in the centre of Vienna.

Then through the mountains to Graz.  Double spiral staircase.

It was a bit hot, so iced coffee helped with energy levels.

Stolpersteine were discovered, as moving and thought-provoking as ever.

Skyline views - these towers took up several sketchbook pages

Surfers on the standing wave in the middle of the river Mur

Home again, and a sketch / collage piece is in progress using sketches and photographs of the trip.


Using overlay of tracing paper to try out various elements of composition


I seem to be more observant of my more usual environment when I return fro a trip.  Seen on the underground


An installation commemorating the work of Frank Pick


and then off to Eigg, for yoga, but that’s another post.







  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Love the images from it too.

  2. You always spot so much more than most people! Your trip sounds great xx


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