Thursday, 27 April 2017

Buried treasure

Not much time for stitching, as I am digging out a garden that has had no attention for over 20 years. Rubble pile so far
from these areas
has led to the discovery of rust dyeing treasure
The rest of the family think I am mad as I exclaim over rusty bits of barbed wire, broken horseshoes, rusty nails, steel wall reinforcing - rust dyeing plans are afoot!


  1. That amount of rubble from that space? That looks like seriously hard work! How lovely that you are getting a rust work benefit, though!
    Ages ago I picked up all sorts of rusty bits from the Twickenham foreshore. Kept them for over two years before deciding that I wasn't actually going to manage to do anything productive with them. Hope that you are more proactive than I was, as it is always such an interesting way to get results!


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