Thursday, 9 June 2016

Things that fly

I have not posted for a few weeks as my energies have to be focused on surviving the barrage of continuous aircraft noise that now assaults our home.  Although we can now get away most weekends, family commitments have meant that we have been at home for a stretch of 10 days of ongoing noise from 0430h - 2400h.

A 24h break, because of the recent storms, allowed me to do some quilting on the Kaleidoscope quilt.

My mind must be obsessed with flying beasts, as I’ve ended up with shapes that look rather like moths.  Each side of the quilt has a series of moths with different patterned wings. These are dreadful photos, the triangles really do have straight edges!

Now to ponder what to do in the striped triangles between the “moths”.


  1. Bad luck on needing to be around through the plane noise. Hope that you have a weekend away now.
    Love the moth quilting!


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