Tuesday, 29 September 2015

More small projects

Another unfinished object turned in to a completed cushion for our exhibition at the Landmark Centre, Teddington, 23 - 25 October.

Another adventure in to fabric painting at a workshop with Lisa Walton called Gorgeous Overlays.  Lisa's technique relies on stitching through a paper template onto a basted quilt sandwich.  The paper is then torn away - the most difficult part - then the stitched shapes are painted with fabric paint.  The stitched lines stop the paint bleeding beyond the stitched shape.

Once again, I had trouble with my positive and negative shapes.

I now need to find a quiet hour to finish the painting with the lovely metallic paints that Lisa introduced us to.


  1. I wondered whether stitching would stop paints bleeding - and now I know! Some lovely creations there Mrs H

  2. Looking lovely! Those paints are wonderfully shiny. Did you have to stabilise the fabric at all before the painting part?


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