Monday, 4 May 2015

Wisteria and der gross Sammelfläche

Spring has sprung, and unfortunately with it has come easterly winds.  Due to international changes in aviation, particularly to flightpaths, this has meant that our area is now subjected to unrelenting noise from take-offs ( 0615h until 2330h) when the wind is in the east.  Not conducive to creative activities, but very conducive to campaigning activities for HACAN and TeddingtonAction Group, therefore much of my time is going there.

Rant over, as a different aspect of spring that I love is the eruption of wisteria along walls and fences.  A morning walk is longer than usual due to stopping to capture these beauties.

Wisteria mosaic

Der grosse Sammelfläche is at the quilting stage.





  1. Fabulous quilting, fabulous wisteria. Sorry about the East winds / air noise. xx

  2. Oooh looking good! We get the planes over us too - the current plan for 3rd runway comes to the corner of our garden - wonder how much we'll get on CPO if it goes ahead!!!


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