Thursday, 5 February 2015

Stamped and stitched

As a dental phobic, I did not enjoy 3h in the surgery today having two very old, mercury amalgam fillings replaced in two molars - Scottish teeth, a disaster on so many fronts.  It felt like I had done a 3h gym workout by the time I was finished. Perhaps the dentist felt like that as well, after keeping me relatively calm. 

Textiles came to the rescue in the afternoon, with experiments involving stamping the motif from last week's trapunto roses.

Definitely worth exploring further, with different sizes perhaps?


  1. Oh poor you, dentist, yuck. Beautiful roses though.

  2. Hi Av, sorry to hear about the dentist..."Scottish teeth" sound scarier though! I love these rose prints! What a great idea, but does the ink then ruin your textiles, or is that the point and OK. It is not dissimilar to any form of relief printing, but I imagine you could get some really nice and unusual textures coming through with fabrics (a little like woodgrain?). Donna x

    1. Hi Donna, great to see you here. A glass of wine helped last night! The stamping is done with an ink or dye that is permanent on cloth, once it is ironed. It is washable, gently, so does work on "usable' quilts. The textures of the surface underneath come through a lot, indeed on the sample before this one, the little dots on my ironing board cover were visible, but I didn't want that on these. An idea to be explored further though. Hope your Mum isn't too downhearted.

  3. You deserve a treat after the torment, and those Roses look like a great treat!

  4. Oh Av, you poor wee the roses!!!


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