Sunday, 11 January 2015

Graduated dyeing and vintage sewing machine

The sun was out this morning, but disappeared this afternoon, so I stayed in and attempted to expand the selection of blues in my stash - the dyes came out.


I'm trying a combination of methods here - low-water immersion and microwave dyeing to get six different shades and to see what the different results are with each method.



Results later.

A very elderly  ( 101) resident in our road died recently, and her family are clearing her house.  She had this Frister and Rossman machine, which I think dates from the early sixties.  It looks in very good condition, but had no plug , so  could not test if it is working. I'll offer this to our quilt group and then on Freecycle if no-one wants it.




  1. I think that it's late 60's, Avril - its the model that we had a home. I think that mine went via Benta - they are heavy beasts but usually very reliable. Looking forward to seeing the results of your dye play.

  2. The dying looks fun! Hope you find a home for the machine, I think they go quite quickly on freecycle xx

  3. The machine looks so wonderfully streamlined, as though it could take off!


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