Sunday, 2 November 2014

Grids and trapunto

I've been exploring grids in combination with the trapunto technique.  My first attempt was a wonky grid with no trapunto - made in error by trying to follow this tutorial, but quite a useful sample to make, as it seemed to be very difficult to match up the corners of each wonky square in the grid.


The second attempt was much more successful, as I had the tutorial on screen as I cut and stitched, and I now need to work on making longer strips.  The setting-in of a sleeve at the pattern cutting weekend certainly helped with stitchings these curves.

Grids and trapunto

I was experimenting with taking the grid in to the background and emphasising it with corded trapunto and blocks of quilting, this worked well.  


Not working so well at the top, was extending the grid lines  with quilting - not sure what to do after the point where the lines meet.   It doesn't help that I quilted one of the lines completely off where it needs to be.


The trapunto under the checkerboard strip shows up really well on this sample.





  1. Fabulous! No need to be so self critical on the quilting - it all looks wonderful. I really love the curvy chequerboard strip insert.
    Can we expect couture garments in the near future too?


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