Thursday, 2 October 2014

Found and finished

I find that some textile pieces  just languish, momentum is lost, inspiration fades and the object lies reproachfully somewhere, often out of sight.  I'm therefore trying a "finish, donate or bin" approach to these objects.  In this spirit, I had a finish last night.

This quilt made up from two different planned quilts, neither of which came out as I envisioned.  As it is so busy, I've used it to practice my machine quilting and a binding method applying the binding to the back, and then securing to the front with a three-stitch zigzag.   The wobbly edges are due to the hanging, I hope.  I had some pieces left over, so had made a pieced back.


I'm not sure about this now, as it could be interpreted as having a religious element, which was not intended at all.

Learning from this one - watercolour pencils will not necessarily wash out, particularly red ones!


  1. Hi! Have landed here via Gina's blog. I love your quilt - it has a definite wow factor! and I agree with you about pencil sharpenings, too. They are weirdly fascinating. Will be back to see what you finish next, now that you're on a roll! xCathy

  2. I like this, Avril! Front and back look fun (and not as having a religious element at all!). Well done on your finishes!

  3. This is a real fun quilt! Love the blocks and the backing


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