Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Walks, wildlife, and well...... too bad

A bushwalk yesterday to the idyllic Flint and Steel Beach at West Head.  One of the advantages for me of being here in the winter, is being able to do these hikes without being too hot or being bombarded by flies.  Once on the beach, I was again amazed by the colours, shapes and sculptures in the  sandstone.

Sitting quietly on the rocks, feet in the water, half-eaten roll in hand, I then had that apocryphal interaction with Australian wildlife, when a kookaburra flew over my shoulder and grabbed the remainder of the roll out of my hand.  It was so quick and quiet, astonishing.

Sea eagles then flew overhead, helping with the very steep climb back to the top.  A drive over to Palm Beach followed, with a delicious snack at the Palm Beach Boathouse, where the flowers, view and coffee decoration were quirky and fun.

The "well....too bad"  part, is that I heard that  my entry for "Dislocation" was not juried in to the exhibition.  There's always next year.

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  1. I was all set to comment on Oz then you dropped the dislocation bombshell! I'm gutted on your behalf, it's such a beautiful piece of work both visually , tactile-y and construction ally ( iphone not happy with my words!) either the accepted field is very small or they jury made some naff choices!
    I dud love the kookaburra story!


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