Monday, 5 May 2014

Black is black*

Continuing with the dislocation piece, but it is slow going as the black on black quilting is very difficult to see, so I can only do it when the light is really good.


the back is easier to see of course


A visit last week to the Martin Creed exhibition at the Hayward ( finishes today ) brought mixed responses from me and prompted the purchase of the book " Why your 5 year old could not have done that".  It is a good read and the examples chosen are thought provoking, but I remain to be convinced by many conceptual artists.

Art in nature presented as well this week, as the wisteria on our house joins the hundred of others in flowering profusely in London.


Song here.


  1. Wisteria in bloom on a sunny day is one of my favourite things. Second only, perhaps to Jacaranda trees, but you don't see many of those in our temperate climes!

  2. The quilting is looking great ! I love it against the pink


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