Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dislocation, continuing

Needing respite from the wedding dramas on The Archers, I've been quilting the "Disclocate" quilt for the CQGB challenge.  This wadding is bearding quite substantially through the black fabric, so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.


It's now becoming a habit to find an appropriate song, and this one took me back a long way.


  1. Love the look of the quilt - shame about about the bearding, though. I'm guessing too late to go back and use either black wadding or a layer of black felt?
    Archers wedding debacle was a complete shock to me when I heard it! I thought that Tom's family could have worried about him a bit more though - and then I remember that it's only a story and I don't really need to over analyse the reactions of characters in a story!

  2. Get you two discussing the Archers!!!! The quilt is looking stunning from here! I take it the house survived you abandoning it ! X


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