Thursday, 14 February 2013

Voices, on the print table


Continuing to develop my textile pieces at Morley today based on the Scallop sculpture.  Today was time to experiment with a new screen, using some of the text from the sculpture.   Unfortunately, I had a complete brain drop after the screen was exposed, and started to scrub this, rather than wash it gently.  This led to a breakdown ( of the screen, not me) and potentially a shambles, however, on test printing, it proves to give some interesting effects, consistent with weathering of metal.  ( Photos are from my phone, so not great quality).

First, testing on paper, breakdown section at the top


Next, on a piece of tray-dyed cloth


Then, trying out coloured puff binder again.  This gives a very intriguing effect, particularly at the breakdown bit.


Attempts to show the 3D effect of the puff binder


Lots to work on here.


  1. I have used puff binder for printing a couple of times and really like the effect. Presumably you mixed it with the colour.

    Interesting words.

  2. How about doing a screen with just the "breakdown" bit, to use with puff binder? That might also be a useful thermofax to get made, if you do any printing at home.

  3. Looks good, there are a lot of commercial designs around that Intentionally look a bit weathered so don't best yourself up!! The puffy stuff looked a bit like something I half remember from childhood, did we call it flocked?


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