Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Grayson Perry, see the tapestries if you can


So much has been written about these tapestries, I was worried I might be disappointed. Not at all. The sheer scale of these is incredible, and the colour blending is wonderful to see close to. An added bonus is a few of Grayson Perry's pots, that I always find very witty.

This visit included a stimulating discussion with a friend about whether it is important to see the hand of the artist in a final version of a piece of art. This was especially thought-provoking for me, having just been to see the Maggi Hambling "Scallop" sculpture at Aldeburgh. There, and in these tapestries, the technical input of the makers is equally as important as the eye of the artist.

I really enjoyed seeing the marks of the makers in this sculpture.

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