Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Angie Lewin - glorious design, and upcoming exhibition

I have just picked up a copy of "Plants and Places" by Angie Lewin from our local library. I am treating myself to an hour with it, after being soaked, and stabbed by rather large hailstones, on my bike.

Alewin larch2 large

It is glorious: excellent print design, beautiful photography and superb heavy paper.

Even better, there is an exhibition of her prints in London for the next two weeks, here, and should coincide with a planned visit to this year's Prism exhibition, "Hidden Places, Hidden Spaces".

So much to see, so little brain available to absorb it all.

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  1. It was lovely to see you on Monday, thanks for arranging a great evening. Weren't the hailstones awful, I thought the car would get dented! Hope you got some undisturbed you time!


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